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RESVERATROL 2015 - Nov 2-3
Regional Meeting
Dijon, France


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Christine Morand - ICPH 2015 - Chair



Sandrine Thuret - King's College London - Uk

Dietary Modulation of brain plasticity: Implications for Mental Health.




PLENARY SESSION 2 - Introductory lectures for sessions A & B

John Duynhoven - University of Wageningen - Netherlands

Polyphenol metabolism by the gut microbiota and nutrikinetics modeling.


Rosa Maria Lamuela-Raventos - University of Barcelona - Spain

Polyphenols and risk of new-onset diabetes in the PREDIMED trial.


Israel Ramirez-Sanchez - Instituto Polytecnico Nacional - Mexico

Preclinical and clinical evidence for the beneficial effects of the cacao flavonols on metabolic dysregulations.


PARALLEL SESSION A - Innovative aspects in polyphenols bioavailability and exposure assessment

Rafael Llorach - University of Barcelona - Spain

Metabolomic approach for improving assessment of exposure to polyphenols-rich foods through combined multi-metabolite models.

Selected communications

Iva Fernandes - University of Porto - Portugal

Multiple-approach studies to assess anthocyanin gastric absorption - potential role of GLUT1.


PARALLEL SESSION B - Advances in polyphenols targets for obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes 

Jeonga Kim - University of Alabama - USA

A novel mechanism for the anti-diabetic action of green tea polyphenols.

André Marette - University of Laval - Canada

Fruit polyphenols improve type 2 diabetes and the metabolic syndrome through alleviating inflammation and modulating the gut microbiota.


Selected communications

Laura Bravo - ICTAN-CSIC - Spain

Regularly consuming a green/roasted coffee blend shows benefits against metabolic syndrome.


PLENARY SESSION 3 - Introductory lectures for sessions C & D

Jeremy Spencer - University of Reading - UKJeremy Spencer - University of Reading - UK

Potential mechanisms by which flavonoids mediate improvements in cognitive function. Lecture sponsored by Pepsico


Raul Zamora-Ros - International Agency for research on Cancer - France

Epidemiological evidence for protection against gastrointestinal cancers by polyphenol intake.


PARALLEL SESSION C SPONSORED BY PEPSICO - Neuro-cognitive effects of polyphenols: at the cutting edge

David Kennedy - University of Northumbria - UK

Cognitive and cerebral blood-flow effects of polyphenols in humans.


Selected communications

Georgina Dodd - University of Reading - UK

The acute effects of a polyphenol-rich blueberry beverage on cognitive function in healthy younger and older adults.


Rosemari Otton - University of East Anglia - UK

Green tea promotes positive effects on redox status of different regions in the central nervous system of obese and lean rats.

David Vauzour - University of East Anglia - UK

Phenolic acid intake, delivered via moderate Champagne wine consumption, improves spatial working memory via the modulation of hippocampal and cortical protein modulation in aged animals.


PARALLEL SESSION D - Recent breakthroughs in cancer prevention

Selected Communication

Giuseppe Grosso - University of Catania - Italy

Dietary polyphenols and cancer incidence: a comprehensive systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis.


Maria Teresa Garcia Conesa - CEBAS-CSIC of Murcia - Spain

Analysis of Normal and Malignant Colon Tissue Specific MicroRNAs in Response to Dietary Intervention with a Promegranate Extract: Modulatory Effects vs. Potential Artefacts.





PARALLEL SESSION E - Update for properties of polyphenols in cardiovascualr diseases


Selected Communication

Ramaroson Andriantsitohaina - INSERM - FranceRamaroson Andriantsitohaina - INSERM - France

Increased microparticle production and impaired microvascular endothelial function in aldosterone-salt-treated rats: protective effects of polyphenols.


PARALLEL SESSION F - Innovative approaches in polyphenol research

Jan Frederik Stevens - University of Oregon State - USA

Shotgun Metabolomics and lipidomics for discovery of polyphenol bioactivity.


Selected Communication

Kerry Ivey - Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health - USA

Identification of the metabolomic fingerprint associated with flavonoid consumption level.


Colin Kay - University of East Anglia - UK

Exploring the biological activity of flavonoid metabolites.


Celestino Santos-Buelga - University of Salamanca - Spain

C. elegans as a model to elucidate the mechanisms of action of flavonoids: a transcriptomic approach.


PLENARY SESSION 5 - Introductory lectures for sessions G & H

Dragan Milenkovic - INRA Clermont-Ferrand - France

New insights on the complex molecular mechanisms of polyphenols through nutri(epi)genomics.

Juan Carlos Espin - CEBAS-CSIC of Murcia - Spain

Human gut microbiota metabolism of ellagic "acid". Interindividual variability for urolithins production is correlated with health status: cause or consequence.


PARALLEL SESSION G - New insights into mechanisms of action of polyphenols


Vladimir Ajdzanovic - Institute of Biological Research "Sinisa Stankovic" - Serbia

Soy isoflavones and membrane steroid receptors: a new horizon.


Claire Lugnier - INSERM - France

Delphinidin inhibits tumor growth by acting on VEGF signalling in endothelial cells.


PARALLEL SESSION H - Hot topics in polyphenols and gut microbiota interactions

Wendy Russell - Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health - UK

Dietary modulation of gut microbial metabolome.


Selected Communication

Evelien Van Rymenant - Ghent University - Belgium

Short chain fatty acids affect hesperetin transport and phase II metabolism in Caco-2 cells.





PARALLEL SPONSORED SESSION BY UNILEVER - Flavan-3-ols and cardiovascular health - Journey to dietary recommendations 

Peter Hollman - Wageningen University - Netherlands 

Review of current science on tea flavan-3-ols


Janet Novotny - U.S. Department of Agriculture - USA

Review of totality of the evidence for flavan-3-ols.

Mario Ferruzzi - Purdue University - USA

Process for achieving dietary recommendations & current gaps in flavan-3-ol evidence.

Lecture sponsored with the support of ILSI NORTH AMERICA 


PARALLEL SPONSORED SESSION BY OCEAN SPRAY- Cranberry Polyphenols: A Nutritional Approach to combating Antimicrobial Resistance

Christina Khoo - Ocean Spray's Director of Research Science - USA
Cranberry Polyphenols and Bacterial Mechanisms


Peter Howe - University of Newcastle - Australia

Bioactive Dietary Polyphenols, Cardiometabolic and Cognitive Outcomes.


Luis Goya - ICTAN-CSIC - Spain

Chemo-protective effectiveness of cranberry phenolic fractions.


CLOSING SESSION - Innovation and perspectives in polyphenols research: The future is now

Paul Kroon - Institute of Food Research - Norwich, UK

Polyphenols, cardiovascular disease and health claims


Joël Doré - Jouy en Josas - France

Microbiome - a window into food microbe - host interactions.


Jose Ordovas - Tufts University - USA

The polyphenols and health dialogue: the genome is the interpreter




N. Brindani - University of Parma, Italy - Poster number : 28 - Session A 

« Stereoselective synthesis of (poly)phenol human and microbial metabolites and related phase II conjugates »


P. Quifer-Rada - University of Barcelona, Spain - Poster number : 508 - Session F

« A metabolomic approach to elucidate beer polyphenol effects in a human cross over intervention trail  »


A. Creus-Cuadros - University of Barcelona, Spain - Poster number: 707 - Session H
"Yoghurts and lignansworksynergisticallydecreasingcholesterol LDL"


L. Basheer  - The HebrewUniversity of Jerusalem, Israel - Poster number: 1016 - Session K

"Computer modelling in predictingfood-drug interactions of dietarypolyphenols through inhibition of Cytochrome P450 3A"


C. Kyrø - Danish Cancer Society ResearchCenter, Denmark &International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), France - Poster number: 303 - Session D

«Polyphenols and breast cancer survivalresultsfrom the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer (EPIC) cohort  »


N. Kato - Okayam Prefectural University - Japan - Poster number: P825 - Session I

Polyphenols from flowers of Magnolia cocoand their inhibitory effects on the formation of advanced glycation end products(AGEs)



A. Cabarkapa - University of Belgrade - Serbia - Poster number: P806 - Session I

Beneficial effects of combined therapy with Dry olive leaf extract (DOLE) and methotrexate in early rheumatoid arthritis patients.

A. Tresserra-Rimbau - University of Barcelona - Spain - Poster number: P108 - Session B

Higher polyphenol intakes are associated with a decreased risk of diabetes: study of the PREDIMED cohort. 


A. Breynaert - University of Antwerp - Belgium - Poster number: P701 - Session H
The GIDM-colon a new in vitro method to study the availability and colonic metabolisation of polyphenolic compounds.


M. Bertoia - Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health - USA - Poster number: P105 - Session B

Dietary flavonoid intake and weight change


N. Martins - University of Minho - Portugal - Poster number: P800 - Session I

Glycyrrhiza glabra L. as a promisor candidacidal in biofilms and planktonic cells: comparison between phenolic extract and isolated compounds


M. Rabassa - University of Barcelona - Spain - Poster number: P804 - Session I

Polyphenol intake biomarker is positively associated with geriatric conditions, frailty and mortality within the InCHIANTI cohort. Relevance to dietary polyphenol recommendations.


D. Lamport - University of Reading - UK - Poster number: P203 - Session C

Chronic consumption of flavanone-rich orange juice is associated with cognitive benefits: an 8-week randomised double-blind placebo-controlled trial in healthy older adults.


C. Queiroz - Instituto de Nutriçao / UFRJ - Brazil - Poster number: P911 - Session J

Effect of thermal processing and simulated in vitro digestion on bioactive compounds of a spiced risotto.


A. Giovana Batista - University of Campinas - Brazil - Poster number: P200 - Session C

Impacts of polyphenol-rich berry intake on cognition and brain insulin resistance.


M. Meireles - Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto - Portugal - Poster number: P204 - Session C

Anthocyanins modulation of microglia M1/M2 phenotype and effect on neuronal differentiation and synaptic plasticity.


M. Garcia-Aloy - University of Barcelona - Spain - Poster number: P009 - Session A

Plasma fingerprinting of mixed nuts exposure in subjects with metabolic syndrome. New insights into diet and host-microbial interactions in the protection against cardiometabolic disease risk.


N. Bondonno - University of Western Australia - Poster number: P410 - Session E

The acute effect of quercetin-3-O-glucoside on blood pressure, endothelial function and NO status in healthy men and women.


A. Bolin - University of Sao Paulo - USP - Poster number: P122 - Session B

Green tea extract changes the profile of inflammatory cytokine release from lymphocytesof obese and lean rats and protects against oxidative damage.